Me & My Blog

Oh no not another Mummy blog from a stay-at-home Mummy with nothing better to do than to tell the world (or whoever is listening!) all about the achievements of her offspring. Ok, well maybe a little but please, please (does that sound too desperate?) check it out and judge for yourself!

Raison de blog

From the day we are born the most important thing to us is to make our Mummies and Daddies (including Daddies in the title of the blog wouldn’t have been quite so catchy) proud, whether we’re sitting up for the first time, taking those first scary steps or later when we graduate from university, get our first job, find the love of our lives, settle down and have children etc – you get the idea and now thinking about it, my life has been pretty textbook up until now.

Anyway, the name of the blog is inspired by my 4 year old daughter whose first words when she has done something that she didn’t think she could achieve are ‘I did it Mummy!’. Now this blog isn’t going to be all about the great things that my daughter does and naturally as her mother I think there are lots of these! I do also have a son from which to draw inspiration. Plus at the grand old age of 34 I still like to make my Mummy and Daddy proud too so they’ll be some random ramblings about me, hopefully trying a few new things out for the first time (writing a blog is stage 1 of trying something ‘new’) and the long suffering husband may get a mention or two if he does something really special!

  1. Thanks for following my blog, hope it is helpful. Well done on your artwork! All the best Tessa

  2. It’s always great to get another view point from someone else in a similar position and also some new ideas!

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