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The ‘5’ club

When I was at school, I don’t remember there being such a thing as the ‘5 club’ but then again I was only turning 4 when everyone else was turning 5. I hasten to add, this was not because I was so intelligent that I was in the year above where I should have been; no, it was because my twin brother and I were a handful and getting us into school early was important to my mother!

Ava, being one of the oldest in her class, informed me that she is now a member of the ‘5 club’. It’s pretty exclusive at the moment. Soon I’ll be joining a ‘5’ club of my very own; funny how people of my age see no need to brag about this.


Ava’s 5th birthday post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of her birthday ‘cake’. Making a birthday cake out of loads of cupcakes was so much simpler than my usual efforts. For a start. there is no need to cut a cake! I think I may well do it again next year.

5th birthday cake

When Ava was three, I kept a note of Ava’s cute one liners. This past year I have been keeping a list of the questions Ava has asked (and there have a been a lot of them!) that I have either been stumped by or have not known how to give an answer at an appropriate level. I had intended to use Google to help me out but if anyone would like to get me started, it would be much appreciated!

  • Why do tears come from your eyes?
  • Why do we have ear wax?
  • How do you get a rainbow?
  • Where does the sun go when it gets dark?
  • How does a baby get in/out of your tummy?
  • Why is blood red?
  • How can you see blood through your skin?
  • Why am I a girl?
  • Why does butter melt?
  • How do clouds stay up in the sky?
  • Why is the planet made of rocks?
  • How does my voice box let my voice out?
  • Why does water make your hands wrinkly?
  • Why is wee hot after you go swimming?

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Please return my right arm

Ava’s first day at ‘big’ school has been hanging heavy on both our shoulders this summer and last Wednesday that day finally came.

It was a bright beautiful morning and thanks to having a painter onsite last week (now known as our resident photographer), we were able to get a nice family photograph, as well as some traditional first day of school shots.



It’s going to take a few weeks to get used to the school run but so far so good. The spot I had marked out (not literally) to park in has been free every time I have pulled up and although a little nervous going in, Ava has come out with a beaming smile (apart from the day that the teacher thought she was supposed to stay all day and left her inside at pick up time). I am a very proud Mummy.

Yesterday was Ava’s first full day at school and the real test. Drop off went well but I was left with a very empty feeling inside without my little Madamski. Much like when I first left her at nursery, it felt as if my right arm was missing. From the empty car seat, to the empty coat hook at home, she creates a big hole when she is not around. Her little brother spent most of the morning asking, ‘Where Aya?’ (he still can’t pronounce her name!) and when I asked where he thought she was, he said, ‘at work’. Today he remembered she is at ‘big school’ and this Friday, when I am not at work, I must remember the same.

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Salt Dough Creations

Ever since our shop bought play dough dried up, I have been promising my 4 year old that we would make our very own. That was about 3 months ago and with the last days of the summer holidays upon us, it was time to tick this activity off the list.

We had to settle for salt dough as our local supermarket didn’t stock cream of tartar. So 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water (thanks to my sister-in-law for the recipe!) and some food colouring later and the children were ready to create.


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First School Shoes

Even now I still remember the excitement of the annual pilgrimage to Clarks for new school shoes, only to be left disappointed as my mother would never let me have a pair of patent leather shoes.

School Shoes School Shoes

I gave Ava a choice for her first pair of school shoes and she opted to go for the non patent version. There are still a few extra bells and whistles that I didn’t have – I don’t remember there being fairies inside my shoes or flashing lights (with an on/off switch nonetheless). Do I still sound bitter?

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Bye bye pre-school

Today after 2 years at pre-school, it was Ava’s last day!


Pre-school has been brilliant for Ava. We’ve watched her grow in confidence, make new friends, have fun, write her name, learn her letters and numbers and start to read. It is definitely the end of one chapter and the start of another and judging by Ava’s comment this morning of, ‘I don’t like pre-school because there are too many babies!’, I think she might be ready to join the big girls and boys!

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