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Summer time

I’ve been a little busy the last couple of weeks (more of that on another post) so apologies for the relatively long period since my last post! Anyway I couldn’t resist posting this pic of my munchkins enjoying the sunshine. How cute does the little man look in his first pair of sandals? He’ll grow into the shorts!

Summer time

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Happy Easter!

Maybe I’m a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to Easter but there is no Easter bunny delivery in this household. Yes the kids get Easter eggs (not from us I hasten to add; that’s what grandparents are for!) but I have not even tried to pretend that there is an Easter bunny and the usually inquisitive 4 year old hasn’t asked any awkward questions. I am prepared to keep the magic of Santa Claus alive for a little while longer so it’s not all bar humbug in this household.

Anyway, in the lead up to the holidays, the kids have been busy with some Easter craft activities. Ava’s Easter bonnet was thanks to a lazy Sunday at our friends recently. It’s creation was inspired by the following You Tube video – It took a lot of self discipline on my part not to try and direct its creation. I would say less is more but try telling that to a 4 year old!

Easter Bonnet

Benjamin’s Easter chick was made at Toddler group . Our toddler group craft team are a very talented bunch!

And no Easter would be complete without a couple of home decorated Easter eggs. I found the following website invaluable for reminding me how to blow out the eggs – A plaster is a must when piercing the holes on the eggs!

Easter crafts

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He said Mummy

Who would have thought I would have found so much to talk about but here I am at my 50th blog post. Rather aptly it’s a video showing my little man saying ‘Mummy’ properly for the first time!


‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS –

There’s no fun like snow fun

If you’re a child that is. Personally, wet, cold, hands and feet do nothing for me but the lit up faces of my two happy little munchkins more than made up for it. This was Benjamin’s first time in the snow, as he was too young last time it snowed all those months ago.

Now for a little more snow so that we can actually a build a decent snowman. Our lacklustre attempt was destroyed by the little lady who apparently felt that kicking the snowman was preferable to showing our dismal efforts to her Daddy (photo below of their effort last February to show what I’m up against!).

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The question that all mothers dread

‘Where do babies come from?’ Except it was worse than that. My 4 year old, prompted by the fact that we had just driven past the hospital where she knows her little brother was born, asked ‘how do babies get in your tummy?’. No opportunity to talk about storks here. So I took a deep breath and debated whether to say, ask your father later but decided I, as her mother, should just take the plunge. A 4 year old does not require graphic detail and I felt pretty good about my explanation of a ‘special’ cuddle. I’ll save discussion around planting seeds for another day.

Just when I thought I was safe, she followed up with, ‘how do babies get out of your tummy?’. Eek, make that double eek! Since she exited through the sun roof and the little brother through the natural route, ably assisted by a pair of forceps, I felt that I couldn’t just offer one route and chose to go for through the cervix (she didn’t ask where that was) or through your tummy using a knife, to which she said ‘you must need a sharp knife for that.’ Thankfully we arrived at Hobbycraft before any further enquiries could be made. I think I may have some reading up to do before our next car journey and a mental note to self not to go past the hospital enroute to anywhere, unless there is an emergency that requires the services of the hospital.

‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS –

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