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Pom Poms

Ava has been paying a keen interest in the accessories that the older ballerinas have and she decided that she would like some pom poms of her own. Rather than head down to the local toy shop and purchase the latest in pom pom fashion, we decided that this was the perfect little craft project.

Materials used included; 2x yoghurt pots, 2x bamboo skewers, 2x straws, play dough (to stick the straws to the yoghurt pots), coloured paper cut into strips and sellotape (to fix the coloured strips to the yoghurt pots). Simple, effective and oodles of fun (if you are 4!).


Pom Poms          Pom Poms

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Happy Easter!

Maybe I’m a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to Easter but there is no Easter bunny delivery in this household. Yes the kids get Easter eggs (not from us I hasten to add; that’s what grandparents are for!) but I have not even tried to pretend that there is an Easter bunny and the usually inquisitive 4 year old hasn’t asked any awkward questions. I am prepared to keep the magic of Santa Claus alive for a little while longer so it’s not all bar humbug in this household.

Anyway, in the lead up to the holidays, the kids have been busy with some Easter craft activities. Ava’s Easter bonnet was thanks to a lazy Sunday at our friends recently. It’s creation was inspired by the following You Tube video – It took a lot of self discipline on my part not to try and direct its creation. I would say less is more but try telling that to a 4 year old!

Easter Bonnet

Benjamin’s Easter chick was made at Toddler group . Our toddler group craft team are a very talented bunch!

And no Easter would be complete without a couple of home decorated Easter eggs. I found the following website invaluable for reminding me how to blow out the eggs – A plaster is a must when piercing the holes on the eggs!

Easter crafts

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Crafty ambitions

About a month ago I decided that it would be nice if Ava made a present in honour of her brother’s 1st birthday. Ava is never one for passing up the opportunity to get crafty or should that be messy. Anyway, she chose to make a car.  Materials for such projects are no longer in short supply in this household. I’d like to say that recycling has moved up my priority list and I chose to be greener off my own back but my honest streak won’t let me take credit for this. New restrictions on waste collection from the council have fed my hoarding tendencies (it’s a family trait) and much to my husband’s chagrin, I now have quite a collection of cardboard boxes from cereal packets, paper towel rolls, lids etc so no project is too big or too small for this family.

Materials required for this little project included; Easter egg box (car body), soap box (car bonnet), chocolate box plastic insert and paper towel rolls (wheels), plastic sleeves (windows), straws (chassis) and blue and orange paint, newspaper, glue, stickers, and address labels (purely cosmetic!).

From the picture below, you can see that the project  morphed into a monster truck, more by accident than by design.

Now that it is Day 2 of the Summer holidays the little lady & I will be on the look out for new ways to get crafty. Any suggestions?

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