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Please return my right arm

Ava’s first day at ‘big’ school has been hanging heavy on both our shoulders this summer and last Wednesday that day finally came.

It was a bright beautiful morning and thanks to having a painter onsite last week (now known as our resident photographer), we were able to get a nice family photograph, as well as some traditional first day of school shots.



It’s going to take a few weeks to get used to the school run but so far so good. The spot I had marked out (not literally) to park in has been free every time I have pulled up and although a little nervous going in, Ava has come out with a beaming smile (apart from the day that the teacher thought she was supposed to stay all day and left her inside at pick up time). I am a very proud Mummy.

Yesterday was Ava’s first full day at school and the real test. Drop off went well but I was left with a very empty feeling inside without my little Madamski. Much like when I first left her at nursery, it felt as if my right arm was missing. From the empty car seat, to the empty coat hook at home, she creates a big hole when she is not around. Her little brother spent most of the morning asking, ‘Where Aya?’ (he still can’t pronounce her name!) and when I asked where he thought she was, he said, ‘at work’. Today he remembered she is at ‘big school’ and this Friday, when I am not at work, I must remember the same.

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