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Last dance?

At the age of 3 when Ava announced that she would like to go to ballet, I was reluctant to find a class immediately. My own experience of ballet when I was a little older than her, had perhaps tainted my views. I don’t remember asking to attend ballet lessons but according to my mother, I did. My affair with ballet was short-lived and lasted about 9 months, during which I remember two things; 1. I was put out by having to wear a blue tutu when others were given a pink one (this surprises me now, as I never really liked pink!) and 2. I was the child mid performance who shouted out that one of the others girls was doing it all wrong, when in fact I was the one out of position. Now that I am the parent sat in the audience, I can imagine how embarrassing this must have been for my parents. Although Ava does appear to be afflicted with the Collins gene set when it comes to rhythm (none of us can dance or hold a tune), she still managed to gallop, skip and jump with the best of them and certainly would have upstaged the 4 year old me. Was this the last dance for our little ballerina? We’ll just have to wait and see what she decides.

Ballerina Ava

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If ever there was an ‘I Did It Mummy’ moment, it was today. Those that know Ava, know that she’s not exactly a water baby but today my little girl swam 5 metres, on her back, unaided. It may never happen again but this little lady’s Mummy is very proud!


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Childhood Innocence

A picture of childhood innocence. Priceless.


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Pom Poms

Ava has been paying a keen interest in the accessories that the older ballerinas have and she decided that she would like some pom poms of her own. Rather than head down to the local toy shop and purchase the latest in pom pom fashion, we decided that this was the perfect little craft project.

Materials used included; 2x yoghurt pots, 2x bamboo skewers, 2x straws, play dough (to stick the straws to the yoghurt pots), coloured paper cut into strips and sellotape (to fix the coloured strips to the yoghurt pots). Simple, effective and oodles of fun (if you are 4!).


Pom Poms          Pom Poms

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Laundry service

Every Mum or Dad sometimes needs a little help with the laundry:

Laundry Service

To view the video, go to:

I’m not sure these two will get employed though, as clearly clean laundry is being picked up from the floor!

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