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He said Mummy

Who would have thought I would have found so much to talk about but here I am at my 50th blog post. Rather aptly it’s a video showing my little man saying ‘Mummy’ properly for the first time!


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Park Adventures

Last Saturday the sun finally poked its head out so we took full advantage and headed to the local park. For one little man, his escape from the buggy brought a long-awaited taste of freedom, which brought with it a few new firsts…



Feeding the ‘ducks’ (swans, geese, well anything with feathers really!)

Feeding Ducks

And muddy puddles…(Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for but then again he is a boy!)

Muddy Puddles

‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS –


First time sledging for the little man…and doesn’t he look happy!


‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS –

There’s no fun like snow fun

If you’re a child that is. Personally, wet, cold, hands and feet do nothing for me but the lit up faces of my two happy little munchkins more than made up for it. This was Benjamin’s first time in the snow, as he was too young last time it snowed all those months ago.

Now for a little more snow so that we can actually a build a decent snowman. Our lacklustre attempt was destroyed by the little lady who apparently felt that kicking the snowman was preferable to showing our dismal efforts to her Daddy (photo below of their effort last February to show what I’m up against!).

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First wee on the potty

No, I have not started potty training Benjamin at 16 months, however I have felt for some time that it isn’t fair to his sister that almost every night he wees in the same bath where Ava is trying to get clean. Cue the potty. Thank goodness he doesn’t know his colours yet as I suspect when he does, he’ll have a thing or two to say about the pink potty. Anyway a couple of rounds of ‘I have a Tiny Turtle’ and he was sufficiently relaxed to do the business. Ava and I were pretty excited but I’m not sure he really knew what all the fuss was about.

‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS –

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