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First steps

I have thought for a few weeks that I have spotted the odd solo step by young Master Popple out of my peripheral vision but wasn’t totally convinced until the other day when he did this…

First Steps


It has only taken him 15 months but he’s done it and he’s jolly pleased with himself too! Now where did I put those reins?

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First words

In the last few weeks Benjamin has finally uttered his first proper first words. He’s been saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ for a while but it turns out that his ‘dada’ has been coaching him. Of course getting him to say his first words on video required a little prompting but if you listen hard, you’ll just about be able to make it out…

tickle tickle tickle

Did you hear it? He can say ‘tickle tickle tickle’!

Ava is trying to do a little prompting of her own and is trying to get Benjamin to say ‘car’ which was her first word. Her perseverance has paid off as he can now say car and even knows which are my car keys, however sadly there is no video evidence of this.

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I survived the summer holidays!

This is definitely not a phrase I would ever have uttered as a child but it’s amazing how much your perspective of this time changes when you become a parent or more to the point a stay-at-home Mum. The angst that I would have felt as a child starting a new term of school, has been replaced by the delight of the thought of having a little routine back in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed spending more time with both children, honest!  We have had a very full and active six weeks, venturing between play dates, planned activities and two weeks of holiday time with ‘Daddy’ but I am more than ready for tomorrow – Ava is back at pre-school and I for one can’t wait! Ava for her part has a new pair of red shoes (one more year until she’ll be forced to have a pair of regulation black shoes), some new Princess Peppa wellie boots and some lovely memories of the summer to take back with her. By midday, I will no doubt miss the constant narrative that only a preschooler can provide.

At the beginning of the summer holidays I set myself a challenge to take at least one photograph of the children a day to capture the essence of what we were doing so I have put together a little montage of our summer holidays which includes a few firsts from the children. Ava has been to cookery class and gymnastics for the first time and has finally learnt how to ride her scooter. She has also gone down a fireman pole on her own and an enclosed slide (she’s always been afraid of the ‘dark’ slides). The achievement she is probably most proud of and is keen to show off at any opportunity, even if it’s in the middle of a supermarket, is being able to hop on one foot. Benjamin has dipped his feet in the sea for the first time, attended his first music and dance class and has acquired a few more teeth (and don’t we know it!). He can also now shake his head to indicate his displeasure at being served the wrong food or being given the wrong toy to play with. I’m sure saying the actual word ‘no’ will not be far behind.

On reflection I don’t remember my summer holidays being this fun. If only I were still the child rather than the one with the responsibility!

Summer Holidays Montage

Summer Holidays Montage

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A first I am not proud of

So I’ve got to Post number 7 and my promise to myself about this blog is about to be broken. This is supposed to be a positive blog about ‘firsts’ but I could hardly ignore this one.

Andy gets home from work, he wonders into the office, checks the post and opens an ominous letter. A humph and puff or two later, he enters the kitchen where myself, Ava and Benjamin have already commenced dinner. He says ‘what day of the week was July 21st?’. I answer ‘Saturday, the day before Benjamin’s birthday’. He says ‘what did we do that day?’. I say ‘a walk along the river in Reading and Ava, your mother & I went to pick your own in the afternoon’. The look of relief on his face as he realises, it wasn’t him, is palpable. ‘You have been caught speeding’ he says triumphantly, with a footnote of ‘I really thought it would be me first’.

35 mph in a 30 zone. I now have to officially own up to this misdemeanour and go on a speed awareness course. The silver lining to this may be the half day I get to spend on my own, although the Q&A states I will have to pay for the course instead of the fine, so I am left wondering how much a little me time is going to cost and whether a treatment in a spa might have been cheaper not to mention more relaxing. Nasty feeling I may have been caught again today though and if I have, I’ll have to accept the points and the fine to boot…grrrr…

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