Sitting is so old school Mummy

It would seem with Benjamin’s (or ‘Benjamini’ as I like to call him) first birthday fast approaching that he finally decided that sitting was not enough for him. Like an Olympian he has trained hard to achieve these milestones and after almost 6 months sat firmly on his bottom, Benjamin in the last week has now perfected the art of crawling, pulling himself up (the cot definitely needs lowering again) and cruising, not to mention tearing pages of his big sis’s favourite books (oops Mummy forgot all about that stage!) and the best one of all being able to drink from his bottle all by himself (very useful for those 5am wake up calls). The one small issue with all these great achievements is that Mummy had got a little complacent about child proofing the house and it would seem nothing is safe in these little hands. Time to hit the floor myself on my hands and knees and start moving the prized possessions once again!

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