Where’s my sticker?

I have always visited the dentist with a certain amount of trepidation and I think with good reason. My family dentist when I was 12 put me through the torture of having four teeth extracted where I felt every tug and pull, before being left with four gaping holes oozing with blood. A few years later when I needed my first filling, my dentist claimed that the procedure would be so short that it was not worth taking the time to administer the local anaesthetic and yes she did manage to hit my nerve with the drill. And don’t even get me started on the experience of having my wisdom teeth removed, although at least I was knocked out for this procedure.

My dentist that I had been seeing for the last 11 years since moving to Reading was a man of few words. He would always say ‘any problems?’. I would say ‘no’ and he would say ‘see you in a year’. This arrangement worked fine for me but I was beginning to suspect that perhaps he wasn’t being as diligent as he should and that a more family orientated dentist was required. Cue a search for some recommendations on my favourite Facebook page ‘Wokingham Gossip Girls’.

We went on mass to our first visit at the new dentist and were welcomed into one of their dental suites, decked out with a comfy leather sofa and television. I was told the television could cater for the younger audience, with cbeebies being available for longer appointments. Being our first visit to a new dentist, Andy and I had to have X-rays done and with one particularly inquisitive 3 year old watching every move, we had to put on our poker faces as we tried not to gag on the sharp plates that were inserted into our mouths. Final assessments in and I was told I had an impacted tooth that had started to decay and would require a FILLING.

The word ‘FILLING’ has always ‘filled me’ with dread (see what I did there…moving on swiftly…note to self not to try stand up comedy). On the day of my appointment, I was fortunate to be able to leave the kids at home so no overexciteable Mr Tumble in the background to distract me. Those of you with pre-schoolers will know exactly who I’m talking about and if you know who I’m talking about but don’t have children, then seriously I think you need to talk to someone! When I walked into the dental suite, I immediately informed my dentist that I was a little nervous and would be requiring the pretty filling today (that’s the one that costs £150 rather than the free metal one and presumably is how an NHS dentist affords to furnish their dental suites). I told him at full speed about my previous dental history and he was quick to reassure me. The injection for the anaesthetic would be a little uncomfortable and it was (nothing compared to having an epidural administered between contractions) but to my pleasant surprise the rest was well, painless and I actually lay back, closed my eyes, thought of England (oh wait that was a different experience) but I did lay back, close my eyes and listen to some soothing music and within 20 minutes, the procedure was done.  I did it Mummy, I braved the dentist! Now where’s my sticker?

‘I Did It Mummy’ fundraising for BIBS – https://www.justgiving.com/IDidItMummy


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