Happy Birthday ‘Princess’ Ava

It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since Andy and I became parents for the first time and how surreal those early days were with such a small baby. To look at Ava on her 4th birthday on Sunday, you would never have guessed how she started out in life. We are incredibly fortunate and even on days when she tests us to the limit (and there are many of these as we have a ‘spirited’ one!), we still know how very lucky we are.

Ava’s 4th birthday feels like an opportune moment just to remind you that part of my motivation for writing this blog is to raise money for BIBS (Babies in Buscot Support) so if you enjoy reading this blog, I would love it if you would consider a small donation to help other parents who are just starting their journey – https://www.justgiving.com/IDidItMummy


Ava at birth and on her 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthdays

For the last year I have been keeping a note of some of the classic one liners that have slipped out of Ava’s mouth so here are a few of the highlights. I think Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for!

  • Huddle.
  • Stop Daddy, I’m eating noodles.
  • Ben, you need your fruit and vegetables to grow big and strong.
  • I need to get my exercise.
  • I want to make a snowman and throw snowballs.
  • I want to go into space in a rocket.
  • I’m a princess.
  • I have brown poo, Ben has yellow poo. I eat food, Ben has milk.
  • What’s that noise? It’s me. (Ava’s popping!)
  • This much, moon and back. (What we say every night before bed.)
  • Ben’s a boy, I’m a girl. I have lady bits, Ben has a willy.
  • I want to plant a biscuit tree.
  • I can see Ben’s willy. It is small.
  • Mummy turn it down, I’m talking on the phone.
  • Are we nearly there yet?
  • I like pate on toast. It’s delicious.
  • I’m really bored.
  • It’s not fair.
  • I want a phone and a watch for my birthday. I need a phone to play with you and I need to know what the time is.
  • I did one and two poos. It looks like sausages!
  • When I’m a Mummy, I’m going to have Rosie and Robbie in my tummy. I want a boy and a girl.
  • I just talked to my tummy and it’s hungry.
  • Oh wow, I want to do that when I’m older! (talking about the Olympic diving!)
  • When we die, we are gone.
  • It hurts when the doctor takes a baby out of your tummy Mummy.
  • I don’t like dog sausages.
  • All aboard me parties.

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  1. Love the things little ones say, I am looking forward to my little ones asking questions. I remember my little sister used to ask some really profound questions, one was “what do blind people dream of?”
    i would love a biscuit tree too!

  2. 3/4 really is a nice age where you finally get a glimpse into what they are thinking!

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