All made up and somewhere to go

Regular readers of my blog may remember my posts entitled ‘9 years of matrimony and it’s time for a change’ – and ‘I pledge allegiance to my hair’ – in which I was planning to undergo a mini-makeover. Back in September, I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time which was the start of the change. I thought I could maintain these myself with my tweezers but sadly I was mistaken. I also had my hair cut and although I was planning to embrace my natural curls, I had decided that straight hair really did suit me better and that curly hair should be reserved for fancy dress only. Needless to say as a busy Mum of two young children and wife to one not quite so young husband, my pledge to my hair has been broken many times over the last six months. And somehow the new makeup and wardrobe update fell by the wayside.

That was until now. Later this year I will celebrate 10 years of marriage, as well as officially reaching my mid-30’s so a few things really do need to change, plus this week I will be starting a new job…more of that in another post. So that’s three reasons to try and improve myself.

Not only has it been nearly 10 years since I got married, it has also been nearly 10 years since I last visited a makeup counter to have my makeup done professionally. The skin of a mid 20-something is very different to the skin of a mid 30-something. Back then I went to the Chanel counter and was advised that a powder foundation would be perfect for my wrinkle-free skin. Following a visit to the Bobby Brown counter a few weeks ago, where ironically I was served by a girl of 24 (just the age I was when I got married), I was advised that a liquid foundation would make my haggard (my words, not hers) skin appear flawless. Finally I understand why people talk about painting their face on in the morning! I had intended to just have some concealer and foundation put on but while I was sat in the chair, I was persuaded to try some blusher, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara. Take a look at the before, during and after shots below…

And here’s the amount of product required to achieve the look…


Credit to me, I only purchased what I came in for, as I have the rest at home, albeit not at Bobby Brown prices. So when I start my new job this week, I will don some new clothes, straighten my hair and paint my face (probably minus the mascara for a day look).

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