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Christmas Sweet Trees

I’ve admired sweet trees from afar for a while and I was considering purchasing one for Christmas, until I discovered that they start from £20 so I thought why not have a go myself and these are the results…

Candy Cane Sweet Tree

Smarties Sweet Tree

Roses and Buttons Sweet Tree

Very simple to make – polystyrene from my husband’s latest electrical purchase, bamboo skewers, lashings of melted chocolate, a tube or three of Smarties, a tub of Cadbury’s Roses and some big own brand milk and white chocolate buttons. The Roses were affixed using my latest purchase, a glue gun!

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Until today I’m slightly ashamed to say I didn’t actually know why we celebrate Halloween but thanks to Wikipedia, I can now consider myself informed. For anyone else who is also in the dark about this spooky celebration, here are the details –

When I was a kid we never carved a pumpkin, never mind dressing up and being let out to go trick or treating…ahhh, I hear you cry! Ok, we were in no way deprived (not in the real sense of the word) but all Halloween used to mean to me was eating all the leftover sweets and hey that wasn’t such a bad thing!

This generation of Collins-Popples get the whole Halloween treatment and this year I actually carved my first Pumpkin and my second too!

Next year I may even work out what to do with the contents of the pumpkin, other than throw it out – anyone have any good recipes?

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PINK is the new GOLD

Great Britain may be hunting down the GOLD medals at London 2012 (22 gold medals as I write this…way to go Team GB!), but for one little lady it’s all about pink.

Ava's pink medal

Ava’s pink medal

This medal has been produced thanks to a gravy lid, pink foil left over from an Easter egg, a lollipop stick, some gold ribbon from one of Benjamin’s birthday presents and one white address label that Ava wrote her name on. (Unlike her Uncle, who first wrote his name on the bedroom window sill, this parent has taught her child that pen is only allowed on paper!).

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Crafty ambitions

About a month ago I decided that it would be nice if Ava made a present in honour of her brother’s 1st birthday. Ava is never one for passing up the opportunity to get crafty or should that be messy. Anyway, she chose to make a car.  Materials for such projects are no longer in short supply in this household. I’d like to say that recycling has moved up my priority list and I chose to be greener off my own back but my honest streak won’t let me take credit for this. New restrictions on waste collection from the council have fed my hoarding tendencies (it’s a family trait) and much to my husband’s chagrin, I now have quite a collection of cardboard boxes from cereal packets, paper towel rolls, lids etc so no project is too big or too small for this family.

Materials required for this little project included; Easter egg box (car body), soap box (car bonnet), chocolate box plastic insert and paper towel rolls (wheels), plastic sleeves (windows), straws (chassis) and blue and orange paint, newspaper, glue, stickers, and address labels (purely cosmetic!).

From the picture below, you can see that the project  morphed into a monster truck, more by accident than by design.

Now that it is Day 2 of the Summer holidays the little lady & I will be on the look out for new ways to get crafty. Any suggestions?

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