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‘Tis the season to get cooking

This year I wanted to put my mark on Christmas and make as many homemade things as I could think of with the able assistance of the little lady. I left out fudge and didn’t leave myself sufficient time to make a Christmas cake this year so I have something to post about next year!

My homemade Christmas started with chutney and where best to start the search for a recipe than Netmums

Chutney – this sweet chutney in my opinion was the perfect accompaniment to our first course pâté dish on Christmas Day. The husband did not agree as it contained raisins but more for the rest of us!

Gingerbread biscuits – I had intended to make reindeer Gingerbread biscuits as I had seen in a post on Wokingham Gossip Girls but I could not find a gingerbread man cutter (you turn a gingerbread man upside down for the desired effect) for love or money and so resorted to star and heart cutouts with decorative icing. We made the biscuits a couple of weeks in advance and froze them but had I known that they were quite so easy to make, I suspect they would have tasted better fresh.

Peppermint creams – again we made these in advance (no requirement for freezing, just to be left in a sealed bag) and given their simplicity, I would definitely only make them a day or two early in future.

Christmas cupcakes – these were made using a simple fairy cake recipe and the icing was simply buttercream mixed with red/green food colouring for that extra festive feel.

Pavlova & Trifle – I was determined that we, or more to the point I, was going to make a Christmas dessert or two from scratch so I turned to the most reliable source Delia Smith for my pavlova. The pavlova was absolutely scrumptious and surprisingly easy to make. The trifle looked good, however it completely lacked flavour so I have uploaded a piccie but have omitted the recipe for this one. I was quick to admit the blandness of the flavour so as to avoid any awkward and less than truthful exclamations of how ‘delicious’ it was!

If you have any festive recipes that I could try for next year, please feel free to post your recipe/link below!

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School Application DONE

This definitely feels like a milestone. 12 months from now my baby girl who could fit into the palm of my hand when she started life, will be finishing her first term at ‘big’ school and today I started the process of getting her there by completing her primary school application form. 2013 sure is going to be a baptism of fire for one Little Miss Popple.

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Christmas Song

One of Ava’s Christmas Advent Activities was to write a Christmas song (with a little (and I emphasise the word ‘little’) help from Mummy) so here it is! All the ideas were Ava’s and I think it’s pretty good. I’m going to try to encourage her to learn it for Christmas Day and if she does and I manage to get any video footage, I’ll be sure to post it here!

Christmas Song

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First swimming badge

A first swimming badge may not seem like much but when you consider that when I first took Ava swimming I couldn’t get her in the water without screaming (a water baby she is not), let alone joining in the lesson, this is a huge achievement for Ava and one for me too. Both my husband and the lady that ran the swim school had tried to persuade me to wait until she was ready but knowing how head strong my little Madamski is (it’s in the genes!), I didn’t feel it would make any difference and we would still be faced with the same issue in a year’s time so I and she persevered and Ava is now the proud owner of a Grade 1 Duckling Award.

Swimming badge

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First letter to Santa

Following on from yesterday’s blog post on Christmas Advent Activities and with the imminent visit to see Santa , Ava has written (she dictated, I wrote) her first letter to Santa.


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