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That realisation that you are someone’s customer persona

WordPress training over and time for a little brainstorming. One of the biggest challenges our charity, Reading Refugee Support Group (RRSG) faces, is that they don’t know who their customer personas are, i.e. they don’t know who it is they are talking to when trying to raise valuable funds. Louize took us through what a customer persona is and used the example of who her customer persona is for her small business course. Armed with the information, we split into two groups to discuss firstly, who the customer persona is for our returners course (this must be a useful bit of market research for our course tutor!) and secondly, what we think the customer persona of the RRSG donor is. The latter was something that was incredibly hard to define and so some additional research is required. When discussing the returner customer persona, it was surprisingly hard seeing my own profile as a series of post it notes but also on reflection quite inspirational too.


Defining our donor customer persona

All of us there want to change where we are today and thanks to this digital skills course, there is definitely hope that it is possible.

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