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I pledge allegiance to my hair

In my post entitled ‘9 years of matrimony and it’s time for a change’ –, I said that I was in need of a mini-makeover. Last week it was time to tackle my hair. I posted on Wokingham Gossip Girls requesting recommendations for a hairdresser who specialised in curly hair, as I was determined to embrace my naturally curly locks.

It was 9.45am in the morning when I entered the hairdresser with an over-tired young Master Popple. I sat down in the chair, the hairdresser came over and said ‘what can I do for you today?’ I explained my history of bad hair days and that I was looking for a manageable curly hairstyle that I could wear down . I promise I used the word ‘curly’. The hairdresser talked about trimming the ends off. I said my husband wouldn’t even notice I’d been to the hairdressers. She said ‘we could take it a bit shorter and I’ll smooth it out for you’, at which point words failed me. This was the moment where I was supposed to say ‘but I want a curly down style’, but no, the allure of smooth, straight locks once again rendered me mute.

45 minutes and many tears later (from the boy) and my smooth, straight hairstyle was complete.

Straight hair

Straight hair

I was delighted and decided that I would not be washing my hair again until it started to itch. 3 days later and the inevitable happened. Hair washed and I decided that I would see what the curly downstyle looked like. Needless to say there is no photographic evidence of the bush. The only thing that could save my hair now was product so a quick trip to Boots and a selection of shampoos, conditioners and the obligatory 3 Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray from the John Frieda range and I was ready to reinstate my straight hair. And the ghds have made a return from the wilderness too. Next step, Brazilian Blowdry?

So my pledge to my hair is to maintain a straight style unless attending an 70s/80s fancy dress party. How long will this last?

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