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Sewing, a necessary life skill?

The last time I picked up a sewing needle was probably at Textile class at secondary school and back then when I most certainly was not having children, EVER, saw it as a bit of a doss lesson where I sat back in my chair and waited for the bell to ring. While other more accomplished classmates were whipping up dresses and skirts, I was attempting a tea cosy which was always destined to gather dust in the loft.

I now realise of course that I should have paid a little more attention in class. One careless exit from the car seat, by one over eager little lady, resulting in one small, but very obvious hole, in her pink ballerina tutu. I suspect that ballet classes may not go beyond this year and so my desire to be thrifty, won out against my lack of desire to sew.

Sewing needles and thread are such objects of rarity in this house, that I actually had to delve into my loft to find the tools require to fix the hole. Tools retrieved and to my astonishment I managed to not only thread the needle but remember to tie a knot in the thread so that it wouldn’t simply pass through the material and made a repair of sorts. Here are the results:

Spurred on by my sewing success, when a last minute shop for a tacky Christmas jumper resulted in an epic fail, I removed an image of Santa from my son’s toddler group Christmas party bag and sewed it onto an old red jumper:

Christmas jumper

This year I may, and I emphasise the word MAY, open the box containing Andy’s Nana’s old sewing machine which has been sat in my lounge for over 2 years….small steps.

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