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Scaling new heights

It’s been at least two weeks since I posted anything about what the boy has been up to. Well okay some of you new readers will feel like it’s been five minutes but indulge me! While I have been taking my role as a Stay-at-home-Mum seriously, watching the Olympics and carting children between play dates and activities, Benjamin (or BenBen as I am starting to call him, as he says MaMa and the chances of him saying Benjamin before he is 3 is pretty remote) has been cultivating a couple of new skills of his own. This week I discovered that he can now scale the whole staircase (best not to shout at him while he’s half way up – this led to a quick look down, followed by a terrifying scream) and if you ask him where his head is, repeatedly, he will now show you! My little baby boy is fast transforming into a toddler and anyone who has been the proud owner of one of those knows exactly what that means, yes, TANTRUMS aren’t far away!

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