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The baby to toddler transition is complete

As a mother, your children will always be your ‘babies’ but this household is now officially baby less. The baby to toddler transition is complete and can be confirmed by a few observations. My ‘baby boy’:

  1. Walks competently on his own.
  2. Takes short instructions like ‘put that in the bin’ and ignores instructions on purpose in equal measures.
  3. Everything dropped whether intentionally or not is an uh-oh.
  4. Says ‘bye bye’ when he leaves or when you’re leaving (no sign of separation anxiety).
  5. Says ‘waz tha’ and points when he wants to know what something is.
  6. Is very definite about what he wants to eat and what he doesn’t. He shakes his head vigorously with disdain when required and heads over to the cupboard, pointing his finger aloft and says ‘da’ when he wants a biscuit.
  7. Has discovered the on and off switch of his lamp in his bedroom, much to his amusement.
  8. Can take the child safety covers off the power sockets. Great that he’s got such dexterity not so great on the safety front.
  9. Can open the car door from the inside. Child safety lock has now been applied.
  10. Can slide down the stairs on his tummy.
  11. Takes the Peppa Pig DVD off the shelf, walks over to the TV and says ‘Peppa’.

And finally, the temper tantrums have started (albeit fairly short bursts) and the naughty step has been instated.

In honour of this new stage, this will be the last time that I use the ‘Baby Boy’ category on here and I have created a new category, ‘Little Man’.

Little Man

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